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These soft-coated cats are recognized by their sweet round faces. What is it?

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British shorthairs have chunky bodies, soft coats and wide faces. Burying them in supernatural pet cemeteries is ill-advised.

The Himalayan cat here has which sort of coloring?

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Himalayans, Ragdolls, and Siamese are some of the best-known cats with point coloring.

This cat's coloring can be described as:

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Tuxedo cats often have white paws along with a white bib.

True or False: The ridges on a cat's tongue that make it rough also help them drink water.

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It's also good for grooming, of course!

This cat is a _____ Coon.

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Maine Coons are known for their beautiful coats and large size.

I am basically a short-hair version of a Persian cat. What am I?

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Exotic shorthairs are very similar in temperament to Persians. The only major difference is the length of their coats.

I am bred to live in cold climates. What am I?

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This Northern European cat has long, water-shedding hairs and a woolly undercoat for insulation.

I bet you can guess what kind of cat I am by looking at my coat. What am I?

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The Bengal cat is a hybrid breed that is bred to resemble the traits of jungle cats like leopards and ocelots.

Where did Manx cats originate?

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Manx are prized as skilled hunters and have often been sought by farmers with rodent problems.

This breed of cat has folded ears due to a gene mutation that affects cartilage throughout its body. What is it?

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The lack of cartilage cause the ears to "fold" and bend down.

How long do cats spend sleeping per day?

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Cats do a lot of sleeping throughout the day, but a lot of it is light sleep from which they can quickly awaken.

True or false: it's okay to feed your cat just tuna instead of cat food.

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A little tuna now and again is fine, but feeding your cat JUST tuna won't have the right nutrients and can also lead to mercury poisoning.

How old should kittens be before they can be separated from their mother?

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Kittens can be weaned at 8-10 weeks, but they should stay with their mother and littermates for a few weeks to get socialized.

This cat breed is well-known in part because of a song in Lady and the Tramp. What are they?

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Siamese cats have blue eyes, a triangular head shape, large ears and an elongated, slender body.

This cat, with its distinctive stubby tail, is:

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Some Manx cats actually do have tails, but the ones with the short stubs are much more common.

A group of cats is called:

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I wish I had a clowder of cats right now.

My name sounds like an '80s hairstyle. What am I?

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LaPerms have curly fur, with the tightest curls being on their bellies, throats and the bases of their ears.

This cat has fur in which each hair is banded with different colors. What is it?

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The cat is named after Abyssinia, now called Ethiopia, which is the country it was thought to have originated from. Recent research suggests it came from the Egyptian coast.

This cat's fur is actually a beautiful slate grey, but its name is:

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The Russian blue, ironically, has little to no blue pigment in its fur.

This cat breed isn't actually hairless - but they're pretty close! What are they?

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Sphynx cats have a fine layer of down that has the texture of chamois. The cats were developed in the 1960s through selective breeding.

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