Catalina Macaw (Rainbow Macaw): Bird Species Profile

The Catalina macaw is actually a rainbow-colored crossbreed parrot that is actually intended for the qualities it shares with its own parents-- 2 of the most well-known macaw species. Its own showy colors make it highly eye-catching for would-be parrot managers. Having said that, it is commonly its own comical individual, cleverness, and also the capacity to respond to instruction that closes the offer.

Types Overview TYPICAL NAMES: Catalina macaw, rainbow macaw

TAXONOMIC NAME: Hybrid Ara ararauna x Ara macao

ADULT SIZE: 35 inches, examining 2 to 3 pounds

EXPECTATION OF LIFE: 50 to 60 years

Source and History

This type was developed by intercrossing a blue and gold macaw along with a scarlet macaw. Catalina macaws are located mostly in captivity. You hardly ever locate a naturally multiplied Catalina macaw in the wild.

In bird reproduction and hybridization, the papa's genetics are actually frequently prevalent. Catalina macaws usually look like scarlet macaws, considering that the male is actually normally a scarlet.

The Catalina is actually taken into consideration a first-generation macaw hybrid. It was actually derived from two naturally taking place or even "real" birds. Considering that this is actually such a stunning bird, some breeders utilize it for breeding an amount of second-generation combination macaws (those coming from a minimum of one crossbreed bird). It is actually additionally instead usual to discover second-generation Catalinas that are actually a cross in between 2 Catalina parents.

The Catalina has added its own genes to several multicolored macaw hybrids:

  • Catablu macaw: Catalina crossed with a blue and also gold macaw

  • Camelina macaw: Catalina traversed along with a Camelot macaw (second-generation hybrid).

  • Camelot macaw: Catalina moved across along with a scarlet macaw.

  • Blaze macaw: Catalina crossed along with a green-wing macaw.

  • Hyalina macaw: Catalina traversed with a hyacinth macaw.

  • Maui dawn macaw: Catalina crossed with a buffoon macaw (combination).

  • Milicat macaw: Catalina moved across with a miligold macaw (combination).

  • Militalina macaw: Catalina went across with an armed forces macaw.

  • Rubalina macaw: Catalina moved across with a ruby macaw (hybrid).

  • Shamalina macaw: Catalina went across along with a shamrock macaw (combination).


Proprietors of crossbreed macaws get the best of both worlds coming from their moms and dad species. Those with Catalina macaws explain their birds as being an excellent mix between the two.

Every bird-- no concern the varieties-- are going to possess a distinct personality that will certainly demonstrate its own training. Some Catalina macaws will come to be one-person birds.

When you first take it residence, the bird is likely to be actually social as well as allowing of people if it is introduced to a selection of individuals. This varieties can bring in a good family pet so long as the kids are actually not as well youthful. Show the bird as well as the little ones to appreciate each other from the beginning.

Extremely smart, Catalina macaws answer properly to training and also could be instructed to perform several secrets and also to speak.

Speech and also Vocalizations.

Several Catalina macaws can achieve a lexicon of around 15 words and also key phrases over their life-time. They can easily receive loud and scream when excited, upset, tired, or only to let you know the sunlight is up. This family pet is not very likely a suitable applicant if you possess close neighbors, including in a flats.

Catalina Macaw Colors as well as Markings.

In general, hybrid macaws are multiplied primarily for their colour attributes. The Catalina macaw possesses a vast array of styles as well as colors. There are actually light differences coming from one generation to the following.

The majority of these birds are strong or largely reddish orange on their stubborn bellies and upper bodies. Some possess brilliant red-orange heads while others have a lovely green crown. They tend to have blue as well as environment-friendly feathers running down their spines as well as long tails. Much of them have gold plumes edging their airfoils as well as their rears.

The Catalina looks comparable to the buffoon macaw. Both crossbreeds are actually typically incorrect for one another. The best significant distinction is actually the Catalina typically has the long, tapering rear of the scarlet.

There is actually no detectable variation in between male and also female Catalina macaws. To tell them apart, you will definitely require a DNA examination, chromosomal exam, or surgical sexing procedure. The DNA test is the most noninvasive option.

Caring for the Catalina Macaw.

Being social birds, they have to spend ample time connecting along with their proprietors to end up being delighted, together household pets. If you are seeking to embrace a Catalina macaw, make sure that you have at least 2 to 4 hours to spend with your bird every day. If overlooked or even ignored, these parrots grow on communication and also will certainly become disheartened as well as harmful.

Similar to all huge parrots, these birds need to have a big cage that is no lower than 4 feet lengthy and large through 5 feet higher. The more space you can easily deliver, the much better off your bird is going to be actually. Provide the bird plenty of playthings and also posts to maintain it engaged. To get information about all birds

Potential managers must assume seriously concerning macaw possession. Are you about to be actually roused early every early morning through a screaming parrot? Can you suit the numerous hrs of socialization as well as workout each day? Look at the prices of owning an animal macaw. Vet costs, premium feed, toys, as well as cages all build up. Presume about standing by to embrace one up until you can if you can't offer your bird along with the best of every thing. The more that you mess up a parrot, the better your pet dog possession knowledge will be actually.

Common Health Problems.

The medical care worries for Catalina macaws coincide as various other macaw species. A few of the more common ailments found in macaws feature:.

Diet regimen and also Nutrition.

In the wild, macaws eat a range of seeds, vegetations, almonds, and also fruits. Like any sizable parrot, supply a Catalina macaw a diet plan that consists of a high-grade seed and pellet mix, together with fresh bird-safe veggies and fruits. Each macaw, depending upon its dimension, are going to consume regarding 1/2 to 3/4 mug of parrot mix as well as regarding 1/2 to 3/4 cup of vegetables and fruit each day. You may feed it the moment in the early morning upon waking as well as at dusk just before it hits the hay.

Fruit products that are actually excellent to feed to macaws consist of apples, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, oranges, bananas, mangos, berries, and papayas. Never supply avocado; it is actually toxic to birds.


Catalina macaws need to have loads of activity to preserve leading mental as well as bodily condition. If you have an interest in owning a Catalina macaw, you will certainly need to have to oversee your bird for a minimum required of 2 to 4 hours every day as it participates in away from its crate. This out-of-cage opportunity is crucial to stop boredom and permit the bird to extend its airfoils and also other muscular tissues properly.

Deliver playthings to improve your bird's activity time. Toys may include climbing up ropes, establishments, alarms, parrot swings, and also wood bird playthings that they can clutch and also chew. Destructible playthings are enjoyable for birds since they are involved; the bird usually specifies a target to defeat the plaything. Non-destructible toys are going to last longer, but macaws can receive bored with them.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Catalina Macaw.

Dog breeders market Catalina macaws in the selection of $3,000 to $5,000. Savings, adopting associations, and dog breeders where you can easily find Catalina macaws feature:.

  • Use a Pet.

  • Petfinder.

  • Bird Breeders.

The Catalina macaw is a rainbow-colored crossbreed parrot that is desired for the attributes it shares along with its moms and dads-- two of the most popular macaw types.

Some Catalina macaws will definitely become one-person birds. If you are looking to embrace a Catalina macaw, make certain that you have at minimum 2 to 4 hours to invest with your bird every time. If you are fascinated in possessing a Catalina macaw, you will need to have to supervise your bird for a minimum required of 2 to 4 hours per day as it participates in outside of its own crate.