Harlequin Macaw: Bird Species Profile

The harlequin macaw is a beautiful, well-liked crossbreed parrot that makes an exceptional animal for the appropriate person. Macaws are needy birds, demanding devoted or even seasoned parrot users. This full-sized macaw tends to do properly with family members; these birds thrive on socialization as well as a bunch of communication along with various other birds or even folks. They are excellent talkers, pleasant, as well as have somewhat enjoyable individualities.

Variety Overview COMMON NAME: Harlequin macaw

TAXONOMIC NAME: Hybrid Ara chloropterus x Ara ararauna

GROWNUP SIZE: 35 and 40 ins long, evaluating 2 to 3 1/2 pounds

LIFE SPAN: 50 years, some might rise to 80

Beginning and History

The word "buffoon" has 2 definitions that are quite necessary for this bird. In one sense, it refers to a joker or mime, which wonderfully demonstrates its personality. It can also mean "varieties of shade as well as pattern," an apt summary for this wonderful, rainbow-colored parrot.

Merely multiplied in bondage, it is extremely unusual to locate harlequin macaws in bush. This bird is referred to as a first-generation crossbreed given that it originates from two "true" varieties of macaw, the gold and blue macaw and also the greenwing macaw. The result is actually a bird with the color as well as characteristics of both moms and dad birds.

The buffoon is also intercrossed along with other true and hybrid macaws to create second-generation combinations. The best common macaws that possess the harlequin's genetics feature:

  • Feast macaw: Crossed along with a Camelot macaw

  • Harligold macaw: Crossed along with a blue as well as gold macaw

  • Harlequin x shamrock macaw: Crossed along with a shamrock macaw (crossbreed).

  • Jubilee macaw: Crossed along with a greenwing macaw.

  • Maui sunup macaw: Crossed along with a Catalina macaw (crossbreed).

  • Quatro macaw: Crossed with a ruby macaw (hybrid).

  • Tropicana macaw: Crossed with a scarlet macaw.


Crossbreeds like the buffoon macaw are "the very best of both globes." The parent species of the harlequin commonly have easygoing, caring individualities with excellent speech capacities and also higher intelligence. They could be educated fun methods like swing, dance, getting, and also much more.

While no 2 birds are the same, they're commonly described as fun, helpful, and relatively amusing. Socialized with folks from the beginning, these macaws are going to likely enjoy the company of many different people throughout their life. You perform not desire your birds to come to be one-person birds or cultivate a taste for either guys or ladies, which can easily take place if they have actually limited exposure to one or the other.

A harlequin macaw will possess seconds of irritation as well as end up being cranky. Yet, it is an excellent selection for those who would just like a large bird with an even adjust and also relax demeanor.

Speech and Vocalizations.

All parrots usually tend to be loud, but macaws are actually the poster-birds for ear-shattering articulations. If you do not wish your parrot to rouse you early every morning by yelling at the top of its own lungs, do not acquire a macaw.

Buffoon Macaw Colors and Markings.

Harlequin macaws have a large variety in their styles and colours. They are usually mistaken for Catalina macaws, which are another crossbreed along with similar pigmentation.

A harlequin's tinting depends typically on if the blue and gold or greenwing was actually the male moms and dad. This distinction is very most dominant in the color of a harlequin's bust and tummy.

Most harlequins have striking tones of eco-friendly as well as blue on their spines. They likewise usually tend to possess gold plumes on the underside of their rear feathers. Males as well as women look the same, as well as without genetic or even medical sexing, it is actually almost inconceivable to recognize the gender of harlequins.

Caring for the Harlequin Macaw.

Buffoon macaws demand a lot of socialization and also managing, therefore anticipate to spend time with the bird daily. A macaw that comes to be uninterested or really feels ignored can impersonate by biting, damaging points around the house, or turn to self-mutilation and also plume plucking.

These birds need a sizable cage that is at the very least 5-foot square and also 8-foot higher put in a draft-free place. Your bird will definitely enjoy water to wash in as properly as periodic misting.

Just before rushing out to purchase a buffoon macaw, think seriously concerning the dedication associated with always keeping such a bird. Not just can these birds live for five decades or even more, but the expenses of veterinarian costs, high-quality feed, playthings, as well as cages add up rapidly. Look at holding off on using one till you can if you experience that you wouldn't be actually able to provide a bird with the best of everything.

Common Health Problems.

Commonly speaking, if you take excellent treatment of your macaw, it is going to remain healthy and balanced. Even along with the best health, some health conditions can easily still take place. There are actually additionally personality troubles that they can easily cultivate. If your bird receives tired or even believes neglected by you, it may consider feather plucking or even skin layer selecting.

A number of the much more common illnesses viewed in macaws:.

  • Proventricular dilation illness, a digestion body disorder likewise called macaw squandering health condition.

  • Psittacosis, a bacterial disease additionally named chlamydiosis or parrot high temperature.

  • Bacterial, virus-like, or even fungal contaminations.

  • Beak impairments in girls.

  • Diet regimen as well as Nutrition.

  • Macaws are actually an incredibly high power bird. For good health, they are going to need foods wealthy in oils as well as calories.

  • In the wild, macaws eat a range of hand almonds, seeds, as well as fruit.

Supply buffoon macaws a diet regimen that features a premium seed and also formulated pellet mix. Each macaw, depending on its dimension, will certainly eat about 1/2 to 3/4 mug of parrot mix as well as regarding 1/2 to 3/4 cup of fruit and vegetables every day.

Offer a selection of fruits on a turning routine, including apples, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, oranges, fruits, mangos, papayas, as well as even berries, including strawberries and also blueberries. Feed veggies like carrots, delightful potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, black eco-friendly leafy veggies, many landscape vegetables, as well as also dandelions and also chickweed. Certainly never nourish avocado; it is poisonous to birds.

To help make food items prep extra workable, you can easily produce the vegetables and fruit mixed greens beforehand and portion out on a daily basis's provisions using the "dice" principle.


Dog parrots are prone to excessive weight and also harlequin macaws need lots of workout. Tasks help preserve their physical health and wellness and also supplies much-needed mental excitement at the same time. You can easily keep your harlequin macaw occupied by handling it day-to-day and also delivering it along with lots of toys.

Ready to allocate a lowest of 2 to 4 hrs every day for the guidance of the bird while it plays beyond its crate. Along with stopping body weight gain, sufficient workout assists ward off dullness.

Outside of the crate, a strong play stand can easily become your bird's preferred spot to socialize. It might take a couple of opportunities to remind it that this is where it requires to be, yet the birds are brilliant as well as can detect it quickly. It will definitely delight in the sight and also manage to experience component of the family members.

They thrive on being part of a group (in this instance, your household); it's a great idea to make an effort to include your bird in as lots of family members activities as achievable.

Where to Adopt or even Buy a Harlequin Macaw.

Prices for buffoon macaws varies coming from $3,500 to $5,000, depending on if the bird is actually hand-tamed and also the online reputation of the dog breeder. As this bird is a long-lived bird, you might discover this bird detailed through adopting organizations and saves. These birds may outlive their initial proprietors, and also living conditions change for some proprietors who can easily no longer take care of their macaw.

  • Free Flight.

  • Take on a Pet.

  • Bird Breeders.

If you're going the dog breeder route, ensure that the breeder is actually reliable by asking for how long they've been functioning and also reproducing with macaws. When selecting your bird, seek the signs of a well-balanced bird, such as brilliant eyes, clean feathers, as well as full crops.

The harlequin macaw is actually a gorgeous, well-known crossbreed parrot that makes an outstanding pet for the appropriate person. This bird is known as a first-generation crossbreed because it happens coming from 2 "true" varieties of macaw, the gold as well as blue macaw and the greenwing macaw. Just before hurrying out to buy a buffoon macaw, believe seriously about the devotion entailed in always keeping such a bird. Costs for buffoon macaws varies from $3,500 to $5,000, depending on if the bird is hand-tamed and the reputation of the breeder. These birds may outlast their original managers, and also residing circumstances change for some managers that can zero longer care for their macaw.